We founded Parka Monkey on a lifetime immersed in British street culture. We live and breathe it, from a love of rock 'n' roll, Britpop and MOD styles, Parka Monkey is in our DNA allowing us to bring credibility to our range and meet the needs of our customers.

We're bringing back that casual nostalgia with a modern take. Being a Parka Monkey isn't just wearing the clothes, it's a way of life, it's who you are, and our collection allows you to let your love of British street culture become part of everything you do.

Weekends filled with football or love to attend gigs, or even just want to head out for a drink with your mates? Parka Monkey has your style sorted with comfort that fits with who you are.

Our aim it’s to give you a fresh look that speaks to your style with simple quality garments with a rugged edge.


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